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These are actual PHOTOS of the items you will receive.
5D Diamond Paintings are superior to other versions of this same technique in that there are facets to the stones providing more refection and clarity.
Each faceted 2.8mm resin rhinestone is individually hand placed in a grid format on a glue-covered patterned canvas to create a magical mosaic of sparkle and color. A double protective sealant, Mod Podge, enhances the shine of the jewels and helps adhere the stones to the canvas. The larger the canvas (measured in centimeters) the more detail will be shown. Diamond paintings are shipped as a flat canvas. This artwork is not framed.
Partial Drill means only a portion of the canvas is covered with plastic faceted rhinestones and part of the canvas is printed. This highlights the areas that are diamond painting while giving greater background detail to the art piece.
In contrast to a partial drill, a “Full Drill” is a painting entirely covered in diamonds!
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All Of these Paintings are One-Of-Kind, there will not be a duplicate of any of these, with the exception of Baby Yoda...there will be a total of two of these.
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